BRAZOR Barbershop

BRAZOR Barbershop is, above all, a men’s vision of how one should spend their time.

It’s a hair salon for those who appreciate exclusive service and attentive attitude while caring about their looks. Not only will you be offered classic haircuts, beard & mustache trims, straight razor shaves and hair care products at our place, but you will also feel our understanding and friendly attitude.

BRAZOR Barbershop was designed as a place where a man could not only have his hair cut or get a shave, but also take a break from the hustle and bustle and have a manly conversation over a glass of whisky.

You might be wondering where the name comes from. Let us tell you the story. BRAZOR stands for RAZOR and BLADE. These two words emphasize our salon’s theme. But on top of this, the name also sounds similar to BROTHER. This pun reflects and summarizes our theme, which is about an exclusively male socializing.

Come and join us, we will find common ground!


Black mask 350 UAH
Beard trim 300 UAH
Headshave 350 UAH
Camouflage 300-800 UAH
Father + son 850 UAH
Hairstyle 100-150 UAH
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Our Barbers

Ivan Savchenko
Bohdan Beregovoy
Yarik Chornyi
Kirill Mavrov
Hevork Khachatrian
Anatoliy Kostyuk
Artem Bessmertnyi
Mikhail Vakarchuk
Alexander Cheberiako
Maksym Neifield
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Gift Certificates BRAZOR

Барбершоп Киев

BRAZOR Barbershop gift certificates are a great opportunity to treat your friends or pals to the barbershop. Fresh impressions and friendly atmosphere will always make for an excellent gift.

"Haircut" Gift Certificate. The “Haircut” gift certificate from BRAZOR Barbershop is a great chance to get a personalized men’s haircut in the relaxed atmosphere of a men’s den.

"Beard Trim" Gift Certificate. The "Beard Trim" Gift Certificate from BRAZOR Barbershop is not just an opportunity to get an immaculate beard trim – it is also about turning it into a true gentleman’s attribute.

Career Barber

We put top-class professional barbers ahead of everything else in our business. Many of them took classes of modern men’s haircuts abroad.

Our customers are mainly looking for a haircut with a personal touch. That is why it is so important for us to find a barber we could “click” with, a person that will tune in to the atmosphere of our salon and approach the Customer in a unique way. While cutting his hair, the barber should become the Customer’s friend whom he trusts his look entirely. Our Customers include different people with different social positions; so it is the barber who assumes all the responsibility for guessing their every wish, suggesting the right type of service and, of course, making them wish to become regulars.

If you want to be a part of the BRAZOR Barbershop’s united team, if you are ready to share your unique experience or learn something new from our barbers, email us at:

Барбершоп Киев Барбершоп Киев
Барбершоп Киев Барбершоп Киев


Working hours:

Daily 10.00 to 22.00


19 Basseynaya Str., Kiev


+38 (096) 3778855

Write to the Boss

We are oriented at long-term relationships, so we do care about your status of a regular, a friend and our partner. If you’d like to make our service or relationship work better, or if you have remarks or suggestions regarding Barbershop’s service, please write to me personally: