Our school for barbers

Our customers are mainly looking for a haircut with a personal touch. That is why it is so important for us to find a barber we could “click” with, a person that will tune in to the atmosphere of our salon and approach the Customer in a unique way.

While cutting his hair, the barber should become the Customer’s friend whom he trusts his look entirely.



When teaching with us, you should expect the following: The first 2 weeks - getting the basic knowledge of the theory of men's haircuts, the basic forms of haircuts and skills of possession of the instrument. Familiarization with the norms of sanitation, hygiene and professional ethics. Study of cosmetics and methods of their use. The next 6 weeks is a practical part: Block 1-washing of the head, styling, hair cutting machine. Block 2 - the basic forms of a hairstyle, a shearing with scissors, work with a texture of hair, work with system of masking of a gray hair. Block 3 - combined forms of haircuts. Individual features of the skull and facial features, selection of haircuts based on them. Block 4 - beard cutting, shaving. Techniques and technologies for their implementation. The last 4 weeks - internship under the leadership of the barber. When you complete a full course of study, you acquire a highly paid profession for life. The best students are given the opportunity to join our team of professionals.